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It’s Not What You Store. It’s How You Store It.

Founders Update: In 2014, I launched SnekaGuard, our first smell-proof locking medication storage container for home use, and made my first blog entry about Safe Responsible Storage. Today’s this blog post delves into why proper medicine storage is so important and provides tips on how best to store many common household medications securely. See Stash Monkey…

Why Safe and Responsible Storage Just Got Easier!

If you’re tired of trying to find new hiding spots to keep your stash away from your kids or prying eyes, then say hello to the Stash Monkey Stash Box!

How to Safely Store Medications, Herbs, Tobacco and More

If you have been searching for the best way to store your stash and keep it out of sight, then Stash Monkey Stash Box has got you covered!

Storing Your Stash the Right Way!

If you have medications, herbs, tobacco, and other forms of stash at home, then storage is a critical area you need to be paying more attention to!