If you have been searching for the best way to store your weed and hide that delicious aroma, then Stash Monkey Stash Box has got you covered!

Blog PostHow to Hide the Aroma of your Stash

For any true connoisseur, the aroma of your weed is part of the love. It’s an integral part of the relationship. But did you know that some people believe that the aroma of a particular strain and whether or not you like it is directly related to what your body needs? For others, they just love the aroma of their stash.

However, despite the ongoing legalization of weed across the United States, there is still a certain negative stigma attached to the smell of weed. We’ve all been there before. A snide comment by a friend, family member, babysitter, guest, or even your partner about the smell of your stash isn’t great.

If you love your stash, but you’re tired of answering questions about it, then a Stash Monkey Stash Box could be the solution that you’re looking for! It’s available for pre-order right now, and it could solve your smelly situation immediately.

How Can You Hide the Smell of your Stash?

While some of us love the smell of our favorite strains, herbal, floral, spicy, fruity, and much more, the aroma isn’t for everyone and definitely not great in all situations. For example, depending on where you work, going into work smelling like your favorite strain isn’t great.

If you work in a dispensary, then you won’t have this problem, but for the rest of us, it’s still a pretty big pain. Despite legalization in some states, there is still a large percentage of people that look down on anyone that uses weed regularly and while having a conversation with people about it is okay sometimes, often you’d rather avoid the hassle altogether.

So, how do you hide the aroma of your favorite weed? With the Stash Monkey Stash Box, that’s how!

The Stash Monkey Stash Box is a lockable, smell-proof container that’s designed to protect your stash or medicine from unintended ingestion. Now, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that no sticky fingers can get into anything that they’re not supposed to.
Stash Monkey’s proven award-winning dual seal technology makes this modern-day locking stash box truly smell proof. So even dogs can’t tell what’s inside! And you know, if dogs can’t smell it, your pesky roommates or your children have no hope at all of smelling your stash.

No Aroma Means No Attraction or Unwanted Attention

If you’re always out and about with your stash, then keeping it secure and low-key are probably your top priorities. After all, the last thing anyone wants is for their stash to get unwanted attention from the wrong people.

Not only is the Stash Monkey Stash Box designed with proven award-winning dual seal technology that keeps the freshness in and the aroma out, but it’s also secure at the same time. It features both a combination lock and backup key that makes locking your stash securely a breeze. No more worrying about who is getting into your stash.

While the aroma of your stash might be attractive to some adults, it can also attract the curiosity of young children and pets. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is having an emergency because they haven’t safely secured their stash.

One way to remove the aroma from the equation and make it less likely that your pets or children will accidentally discover your stash is with the Stash Monkey Stash Box. Not only is it lockable and secure, but the proven award-winning dual seal technology also keeps that aroma inside the Stash Box where it belongs and not wafting around your home, apartment, or vehicle.

How to Hide the Aroma of your Stash! – Conclusion

If you want to learn more about the Stash Monkey Stash Box or find out how you can pre-order your Stash Monkey today, then check out our pre-order link. A high-quality stash box is an ultimate investment in preventing any unwanted attention that your stash might attract. If you are more interested in keeping your stash fresh and potent, then the Stash Box does that too!

There’s simply nothing more secure than storing your stash inside the Stash Monkey Stash Box! Our premium stash boxes are available for pre-order now, so get in early to avoid the rush and ensure that you don’t miss out. Stay tuned for future updates, and welcome to the Stash Monkey family.

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