All things that you need to know about Stash Monkey

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How do I open Stash Monkey?

To open the lid, the key lock should be in the horizontal position with the code set to the factory setting of 0-0-0. Scroll down to see a photo of the lock in the correct position.


Key lock position to open lid

How much stash can I put into my Stash Monkey?

Where can I view or download the user guide?

Click here to view or download the user guide.

My Stash Monkey arrived, but I couldn’t find a key, and it won’t open.

Stash Monkey ships in the unlocked position with the code set to 0-0-0.

Open the lid by placing Stash Monkey on a flat surface. While holding the container down, lift the lid up with your thumb. The backup access keys are in the white box inside the container. Upon initial unboxing, store the keys outside of the container.

NOTE: The keylock must be in the locked position to lock the lid using the combination code.

My Stash Lid Monkey seemed tight when I first opened it.

Stash Monkey may have been transported in an airplane, which can cause slight pressure in the container due to the air-tight feature. As a result, the lid may be unusually tight when opened for the first time.

Is the silicone tool organizer dishwasher safe?


What is the best way to insure a strong seal?

Keep the rim of the container, and the silicone seal in the lid free of debris by wiping with a cloth. For example, small crumbs on the seal can cause the lid not to seal properly.

How do I care for Stash Monkey?

Clean surface with warm damp cloth only.

How do I set the combination code?

See this video or click here to view or download the user guide.

How do I lock Stash Monkey?

See this video or click here to view or download the user guide.

I lost or forgot my combination code.

See this video or click here to view or download the user guide.

How do I remove and install the vape rack?

See this video or click here to view or download the user guide.

What is the default combination code?


Where should I store the back-up entry keys?

Store keys outside of container securely, hidden and out of reach.

Where should I store Stash Monkey?

Keep in a safe place and out of the reach of children.

What temperature should Stash Monkey be stored in?

Store at room Temperature. Extreme temperatures will result in inconstant seal and or failure.

I need to purchase a replacement key.

Email us at .

How do I know Stash Monkey is locked?

Stash monkey is locked only when the key lock is in the locked position, with lid attached, and the combination lock code scrambled.

Is Stash Monkey intended to act as an absolute fail-safe to entry?


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Tracking your order:

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