Our story started when I caught my four-year-old daughter snooping in our bathroom just as she opened a push-and-twist medication bottle

Fortunately, my daughter was not harmed. To better meet my expectations as a responsible parent, I decided to invent a secure smell-proof locking solution.

I trademarked it under the name SnoopGuard. Shortly after production Snoop Dogg, the rapper sent a cease over the “Snoop” name.

Fast forward to today

I put my twenty years as a senior marketing executive and product designer to use. We rebranded under a new name, re-tooled, went back into production, and received new stock. Our non-plant touching cannabis consumer product sold in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Israel. We did grant a patent, sold out of inventory, and earned accolades from customers and the industry. For example, we were honored with High Times Magazine’s Top Ten Cannabis Storage Container award.

We decided to supplement our raise by crowdfunding on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Despite being a 100% non-plant touching consumer good, both platforms rejected us because of our “association” with Cannabis. We are a non-plant touching consumer good, legal in every US state, Canada, and many other countries for the record.

In response, we are hosting a crowdfunding campaign of our own on this website, featuring the Stash Monkey Stash Box, the first in our Collection of High Design tools and accessories

All campaign backers receive a premium perk as our thanks for supporting the world’s best smell-proof locking stash box.

Be one of the first to see the High-Design Stash Monkey Stash Box and the early backer perk.

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