9 out of 10 unintentional child poisonings occur in the home. As a parent, this hit close to my home when I discovered my daughter opening a push-and-twist pill bottle.

Fortunately, she was not harmed. To better meet my expectations as a responsible parent, I invented Stash Monkey—an airtight, smell-proof locking home storage container to keep kids and pets out.

Stash Monkey and Safe Responsible Storage are not just for kids. Adults can be liable if, for example, a babysitter, petsitter, friend, sleepover guest, or contractor ingests something of yours on your property, unintentionally or not.

Store what you want how you want.

Verified Customer Comments

“Stash Monkey stores and organizes so well that we purchased one for each child.”

“Finally, someone made a locking container that is easy to use and remains secure.”

“Our kids get into everything. Stash Monkey gives us priceless peace of mind, knowing the kids are protected from unintended ingestion when we are not home.”

Store what you want, how you want.

  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Prescription medications
  • Herbs and high-value cooking ingredients
  • Cigars and tobacco-like items
  • Prescription injectors 
  • Ammunition
  • Jewelry
  • Cell phones

HINT: Stash Monkey is an incredible gift for any occasion, including for spoiling yourself.

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