The Smell-proof Stash Box, Evolved.

Smart, fresh, and secure storage for herbal products, medication, or any smaller items that would benefit from being stored in a secure, air-tight environment.

That stash box you’ve had since college certainly doesn’t do the stash you enjoy these days justice. But more importantly, it exposes you and your stash to loss of potency, freshness and risks ranging from accidental ingestion by a child to theft and loss of privacy.

And that’s precisely why we designed Stash Monkey, the modern-day locking, air-tight, smell-proof storage solution. 


If you like smart design and quality, you’ll love Stash Monkey.

The Stash Monkey Smell proof stash box is built tough. It’s smell-proof and secure.

The perfect Stash Box for you!

Once you put Stash Monkey in your hands, you will know. Everything about it screams, built from scratch by enthusiasts. It’s smart. Each part purpose built for today’s herbal culture. Designed and engineered to make every interaction with your stash, or anything else you choose nothing but a pleasure. 

Stash Monkey Opened with Descriptions

Stash Monkey Stash Box Comes Fully loaded.

  • Smell-proof dual seal
  • Airtight keeps contents fresh
  • Locking lid
  • Built-in rolling surface
  • Easy clean surfaces
  • Store what you want how you want
  • BPA free
  • Durable
  • Private-keeps out prying eyes
  • Blocks potency reducing light
  • Set your own lock code
  • Easy-to-read numbers
  • Large combination wheels
  • Elevated pen rack – reduce burned taste
  • (2) Back-up entry keys–if you forget your code.
  • Silicone tool organizer–dishwasher safe
  • Customizable configuration–removable pen rack
  • Versatile Capacity – Store what you want

Designed for Today’s

Tough enough for daily use, designed to fit any décor, Stash Monkey’s reimagined iconic stash box lets you store what you want how you want. Smell-proof and secure, you can store herbs, tobacco, medications, tools, accessories, and more. The built-in removable prep tray makes interacting with your stash even more enjoyable. We’ve also included a removable organization storage rack/divider designed to accommodate various tools and accessories. And don’t forget the high-grade silicone dishwasher-safe easy-to-clean organizer. It’s perfect for storing cartridges, lighters, USB chargers, and more.


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