Stash Monkey, The Best Smell Proof Stash Box

At Stash Monkey, we deeply appreciate that your home is your sanctuary. It’s the very space where you make treasured memories, find serenity, and watch your loved ones, including kids and pets, thrive. That’s precisely why we’ve introduced our highly acclaimed, airtight, odor-proof, locking storage solution designed for prescribed medicines and herbal remedies. The hi-design Stash Monkey Smell Proof Stash Box does more than declutter your space; it provides safety, security, and tranquility.


The Stash Monkey Featured on Club Random with Bill Maher

“I got a stash monkey myself…”

If you like smart design and quality, you’ll love Stash Monkey, the best smell proof stash box.

The Best Smell Proof Stash Box For You!

Once you put Stash Monkey in your hands, you will know. Everything about it screams, built from scratch by enthusiasts. It’s smart. Each part is purpose-built for today’s culture. Designed and engineered to make every interaction with your stash or anything else you choose nothing but a pleasure. 

Stash Monkey, The Best Smell Proof Stash Box Comes Fully Loaded.

  • Smell-proof dual seal
  • Airtight keeps contents fresh
  • Locking lid
  • Built-in organizing tray
  • Easy clean surfaces
  • Store what you want how you want
  • BPA free
  • Durable
  • Private keeps out prying eyes
  • Blocks harmful light
  • Set your own lock code
  • Easy-to-read numbers
  • Large combination wheels
  • Elevated storage rack
  • (2) Back-up entry keys–if you forget your code.
  • Silicone tool organizer–dishwasher safe
  • Customizable configuration
  • Versatile Capacity – Store what you want

Stash Monkey – the best smell proof stash box designed for today’s

Tough enough for daily use, Stash Monkey, the best smell-proof stash box, is designed to fit any décor. Stash Monkey’s reimagined iconic stash box lets you store what you want how you want. Smell-proof and secure, you can store medications, herbal remedies, tools, accessories, and more. The built-in removable organizing tray makes interacting with your stash even more enjoyable. We’ve also included a removable organization storage rack/divider designed to accommodate various tools and accessories. And don’t forget the high-grade silicone dishwasher-safe, easy-to-clean organizer. It’s perfect for storing cartridges, USB chargers, and more.


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