If you love to stock up on herb and usually have two or three different strains on the go at once, then storage is a critical area you need to be paying more attention to!

Blog PostStoring Your Stash the Right Way!

If you love herb, it’s not unusual to have a variety of favorite or regular strains on your daily rotation. However, this often means that you have multiple strains on the go at once, all of which may have to be stored, especially if you love to buy in bulk and save a few dollars.

The legalization of herb in dozens of states and countries such as Canada means that more than ever, people have access to fresh, premium, and bulk amounts of herb. Buying in small amounts is great to sample, but if you want to avoid ordering every day, then ordering larger amounts of herb is a great idea. It’s also cheaper in bulk, and you can get some real savings ordering this way.

However, buying in bulk or larger amounts creates another issue, storage. How do you store all of your favorite herb without it going stale and losing its potency? Luckily, Stash Monkey has come up with a great solution. The Stash Monkey Stash Box is the perfect way to store your herb, and in the following article, we’ll look at why.

The Right and Wrong Way to Store your Stash!

One of the most commonly asked questions about herb is the correct way to store it. Unfortunately, there are millions of people that all have the same question. So, if you’ve been struggling to store your herb, then don’t worry. You’re not alone.

The Right Way to Store Your Stash

When it comes to storage, you need to focus on the following things, temperature, light, humidity, and oxygen. Room temperature or slightly below is a great starting point. Avoiding humidity also means that you won’t promote additional condensation in your herb.
Keeping your stash in an airtight container that isn’t exposed to sunlight is the ideal way to preserve your herb and means that your stash could last for at least a year if it was cured and dried correctly.

The Stash Monkey Stash Box is 100% airtight. It will keep your stash in a cool, airtight, and dark environment where it isn’t exposed to sunlight or humidity. As an added bonus, it’s also 100% lockable and secure, which means that you don’t have to worry about the wrong person, animal, or child accessing your stash.

The Wrong Way to Store Your Stash

Firstly, never store your herb in the freezer. Not only does it cause the fragile trichomes to fall off, but it can also affect decarboxylation, and removing it and adding it back into the freezer can cause condensation, which promotes mold and bacteria growth. Believe us. No one is interested in smoking or vaping moldy herb.

The same applies to the fridge. Constantly putting your stash in the fridge then allowing it to get to room temperature could promote mold and bacteria, which will quickly break down your herb and leave it dank and gross.

A lot of people choose plastic bags, but they aren’t great either. They may keep air out, but all the movement of the herb inside the plastic bags can damage the trichomes and cause them to break off or cling to the static of the bag.

Avoid sunlight and heat! Sunlight and heat are your enemies and can cause your stash to lose not only its aroma but also its potency. The last thing that anyone wants is to invest a large amount in buying herb in bulk, only for it to become worthless.

Storing Your Stash the Right Way! – Conclusion

If you want to learn more about the Stash Monkey Stash Box or find out how you can preorder your Stash Monkey today, then check out our preorder link. A high-quality stash box is an ultimate investment in the correct storage of your herb so that it maintains its quality over an extended period of time. If you love your herb and want to smoke or vape it as fresh as possible, then the Stash Monkey Stash Box is a great idea!

There’s simply nothing more secure than storing your stash inside the Stash Monkey Stash Box! Our premium stash boxes are available for pre-order now, so get in early to avoid the rush and ensure that you don’t miss out. Stay tuned for future updates, and welcome to the Stash Monkey family.


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